Monday, April 16, 2012

What ARE Dream Packers??

A convenient way of packing an assortment of essential oil blends and/or singles--visit Dream Packer Aromatherapy for blend descriptions.  Visit Essential Oil Profiles for descriptions of single oils.
Made of sturdy cotton pad with elastic holders for the oils, clear plastic inserts to protect from leakage--

Button clasp and pocket for instructions/cards--
You can buy them separately, with empty bottles or with a full assortment of your choice of blends and/or singles--
the “Niner” empty=$10, with empty 2 ml bottles $14, with filled bottles, $45
the “Twelver” empty=$11, with empty 2 ml bottles $15, with filled bottles, $56
the “Fifteener” empty=$12, with empty 2 ml bottles, $17, with filled bottles, $69
You can choose your blends or singles (according to availability)--
Or purchase a pre-selected assortment--

Choice of over 80 single oils and 100 plus blends--

Mini Packers

New!!!  6 - 2 ML bottles with description cards in a small zipper pouch.  Carry in your purse or backpack.  The FIRST AID packet contains the most popular oils used for first aid: Tomahawk, Pirates, Shaman, Rain Cove, Lavender, Tea Tree.

The WATER FLAVOR packet contains the favorites for flavoring your water: Choice of Lemon Meringue, Key Lime Pie, Cream Soda, Dreamsicle, Grapefruit, Lemon, Blood Orange, Mandarin, Birch, Bergamot, Spearmint or Peppermint

Your choice of almost ANY single oil or blend--$26.  Individual oil of Helichrysum  and blends of Twelve Falls Trail, Twelve Flowers, Valentine, Point Sublime and Sitalpu are a little more.

The CHAKRA Mini Packer has all 7 chakra blends and is $38.